2020 LBSC Pool Rules:

1. No running permitted on deck area.

2. No swimming in pool until guards are on duty.

3. No swimming in diving area.

4. No talking to guards on duty.

5. Only one on diving board at a time.

6. No profanity should be used while on the premises.

7. No glass of any kind permitted on premises or in pool.

8. No standing around desk in breezeway.

9. No one permitted behind desk or in concession stand without permission from manager.

10. Parents are responsible for children at the swim club.

11. No child over 5 years of age is permitted in the baby pool.

12. All guests must be registered by a member. Members must stay with guest while at the swim club.

13. You must shower before entering the pool, or playing an activity that would make you sweaty or dusty.

14. Appropriate swim attire must be worn, no street clothes allowed.

15. No one permitted in adult pool under 18 during adult swim unless under the age of 2.

16. You must turn in cards as you enter the pool and pick them up upon leaving. (NO CARDS ARE TO BE LEFT AT THE SWIM CLUB.)

17. Members and guests are to keep the pool clean, presentable and safe for everyone.

a. Throw garbage in cans not on deck area, rest rooms, parking lot or recycle containers.

b. Place aluminum cans in appropriate recycle container.

c. No smoking allowed inside of the club. Must be done in the designate smoking area.

d. 15 MPH speed limit on driveway and parking area when entering or leaving the club.

e. The club is not responsible for stolen items.

18. Anyone stealing or destroying property will be expelled immediately from the swim club and must be reinstated by the Board of Directors.

19. All rules will be enforced rigidly, this is YOUR swim club, by following these rules you can make it a better and safer place for all.

Please note that alcohol can only be consumed during the below hours and the beverage must be in a LBSC koozie. If you do not have a LBSC koozie they will be available for purchase for $5.00 at the front desk.


The news rules are as follows:

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday: Hours: 5:00 p.m. to close

Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Holidays: Hours 3:00 p.m. to close